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For mental health therapists and medical providers who need to get past insurance denials and get paid! No need to waste your time on lengthy phone calls to insurance companies trying to figure out claim denials, let me do your billing for you. I have been working with medical offices for the past five years, let me do the hard part for you so you can focus on your passion. Would you like to get paneled with more insurance companies? I will navigate the insurance credentialing processes for you so you can focus on what you do best, patient care.

What We Do

Contact me for a free discovery call and let’s find out how I can help you earn the money you deserve!


After graduating college, I landed a fantastic internship working with a variety of clients all over Iowa to help save the majestic Monarch butterfly.  Once my internship came to a close though, I still hadn’t found a permanent position so I applied for a very part-time job at a new mental health clinic as an administrative assistant.  At the time, I had no idea this would change the entire trajectory of my career path.

Immediately I fell in love with the work! I quickly began to learn the ins and outs of billing and insurance claim rejections and got promoted over the four years I was there. This gave me firsthand experience with the headaches that go along with dealing with insurance companies.  This only made me love billing more and all of the things that are a part of it.  Since I was at a new and growing clinic, I also got first hand experience with credentialing all types of providers.

When Covid came along, and we were all safely working in our homes, I realized that I never wanted to go back to a conventional office again. By the end of 2020 I had my own business up and going and had acquired my first client.  Since then, I have only strived to learn more to better assist my clients in whatever they need.  I know the struggles and pains of insurance denials and not getting paid for your work.


In my spare time, I enjoy going on walks in nature or riding my bike on one of the many trails near my home.   Yoga helps keep me centered and calm throughout the hectic workday. In the summer, you can often find me at the beach soaking up the warm sunny rays.  

My boyfriend and I have nine cats and absolutely love watching them cause chaos and get involved in all sorts of shenanigans.  I even find time each week to volunteer at Furry Friends Refuge helping out with cat care there.

We always have quite an extensive flower and vegetable garden each summer and look forward to trying new recipes with what we have grown. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures.  Any chance I get I love going to a live music show and appreciate all types of music.

If you would like to chat about any of these over some tea, please let me know!

I am here to help take the pain out of your business so you can focus on patient care and collecting the money that you deserve! I love helping others grow their business and blossom into their full potential.

Contact me for a free discovery call and let’s find out how I can help you earn the money you deserve!


What is a VA Virtual Assistant and how can working with one benefit my business?

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent contractors who provide services to multiple clients. VAs work remotely from their home office saving their clients from the costs of hiring an employee and work only as needed instead of full-time like an in-office employee.  There are no overhead costs, paid benefits, taxes, training, or downtime.  Many VAs are highly skilled in certain niches and provide valuable services to their clients. 

Why would I need a biller my EMR system does it all?

A lot of EMR and Billing systems claim they can do it all for you. This is true up to a point. They work great until you must manually post payments or are suddenly getting claims back that are being denied for reasons unknown to you. You are already working a full schedule seeing patients. Let me do the hard part for you to make sure you are getting all the payments that you deserve.

Where do my payments from the insurance companies go?

Payments are always sent directly to your practice, or bank account. All I need is a copy of the EOB to properly credit your account.

What services do you offer?

  • Medical billing and coding services
  • Credentialing providers, groups, and facilities with insurance companies
  • A/R Cleanup
  • Patient insurance verification
  • Unpaid claims follow-up
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Calendar Management
  • Scheduling services
  • CAQH Setup and Maintenance

Do you send patient statements?    Yes!

Are you HIPPA certified? 

Yes, I am HIPPA certified and follow all HIPPA guidelines.

When are invoices sent?

Invoices are sent out the first week of the month. Any work that was completed the previous month will be reflected on that invoice.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept Zelle, Swipe Simple, and Direct ACH transfers. If you wish to use another form of payment, we can certainly discuss other options.

How do I get sensitive information to you safely?

I will send you a link to securely send any sensitive or patient information. It is HIPPA compliant and safe.

How do I get started?

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call today to see how I can help you blossom and grow your business.

Email me any questions you have!

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Let me do what I love so you can do what you love!  Contact me today to assist with all of your medical and provider billing and credentialing needs.

Person:  Natasha Bures CPC-A

Place:  Des Moines, IA


Phone:  515-201-8840



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Let me take out the mystery of medical billing and get you paid!


Jennifer Bugg FNP-C
Owner - Trinity Health and Wellness

"She is very prompt and kind. I appreciate your thoroughness and trust her completely."
Angela Clausen LISW MSW
Owner - Best Life Therapy

" I would definitely recommend hiring Praire Flower to handle billing/coding and collecting balances. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a licensed biller and coder managing all my billing and credential needs. "
Theresa Reckling LMFT
Owner - Innovative Family Therapy and Play Therapy Center

"We would highly recommend Natasha and Prairie Flower Billing services to any clinician looking to focus more on providing quality therapy over dealing with insurance companies and all the red tape that is associated with them. "